Recently in counseling, my therapist asked if I thought I was a Highly Sensitive Person. I said, “No” right away. ‘Of course not,’ I thought. I’m hyper logical, not very emotional at all. I rarely cry, I struggle to empathize. I’m not easily offended, tend to be pretty stable.

So I asked, “Do you think I am?” He said he did, and wanted to ask me some questions to find out. I pridefully thought, ‘he just doesn’t really know me well enough yet,’ that this test would come up negative. I’m the most un-sensitive person I know! But I played along anyways.

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There is, Surprisingly, Always Hope

My husband, Zach, and I started going to counseling together several months ago because of my postpartum depression and the rough season we’re going through. We had a certain number of sessions paid for by his work, and at first it was helpful, but it seemed like, due to the limited number of visits, the therapist, though really great, didn’t want to dig into anything without being able to see it through. At the time, it was fine because I was doing better anyways. I actually came out of the depression for about 2 or 3 weeks and it was wonderful!

For the first time in a long time, I felt normal. I could function and get things done and generally just do life and enjoy it. But I was still out of practice and it was challenging to jump back into all the things I hadn’t been doing for a while.

My husband had to go back to being in the office after working from home for months, and we quickly realized that it was happening all too fast for me. At first, I felt empowered with my new found normalness, and it was pretty nice to take care of things by myself while he was at work all day. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t sustainable for long.

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